Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear my unit glueless?

The unit can be worn clueless by adding adjustable bands. Got2b gel or spray can also be used to secure the lace and then removed with water.


What should I do if the cap size is too big/small?

Wigs come in standard 22.5" or 23.5" sizes unless it's a custom-size order which will take 7 days to customize.
Adjustable straps and wig combs can be used to make bigger units fit.


Why doesn't my wig look like the one online?


The wigs on our website a product images, so there might be inflection on certain colors or the wig may appear lighter due to lighting used.

How long will my install last?

Installations last for 10 days depending on your lifestyle. If you are more active and sweat a lot then your unit might not last as long. After 10 days the glue needs to be cleaned and deactivated.


How do I re-do my lace frontal?

    1. Wear the correct stocking cap.
    2. Wear the wig and roll back the frontal.
    3. Apply a little bit of glue in front of the hairline.
    4. Wait 5 minutes until the glue is semi-sticky, then press the lace to the front of your hairline.
    5. Use a silk head wrap for 15 minutes to secure the glue.
    6. Style baby hairs and use makeup to finish the look.