Hair Queen LA Fights Cancer

Couture Fighting Cancer

This weekend, we teamed up with Winnie StaCKZ for a cancer charity event in which we provided a makeover to 10 cancer survivors & women who face hair loss. We provided a completely FREE wig to each person, an install, and makeup in hopes of bringing light to the issues that face many women & men alike.
Women with wigs

Our 10 makeover candidates were incredibly excited and were given an amazing opportunity to be styled by Winnie and walk the runway at Mainro, where Winnie hosted Couture Fighting Cancer - the cancer charity event benefiting cancer survivors in which Winnie celebrates his 11 years of being a cancer survivor. It was an incredible venue full of many familiar influencers and Lamar Odom, who's daughter opened the night on the runway.

We're so proud of the support we were able to provide to Winnie and all our makeover candidates. Their transformations were absolutely stunning. Here's a sneak peak at a few of the transformations.  


Video & Photography by @Brandmore

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